Las Vegas Wedding Reviews

Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel - Day Before
Really glad we went down to drop off our CD and marriage license. They had something written in the file about my father doing a prayer during the service (?) No idea where that came from so they must have mixed me up with another bride. They were quick to remove it though and I had my doubts! If you go to drop off your stuff the day before the wedding, then definitely review your file.

Mandalay Bay Bell Desk - Dress Steaming and Groom's Attire
Fantastic, we dropped everything off pretty much the second they arrived and had to pay for rush service otherwise it was a 24 hour turnaround. My dress was $45 plus $15 rush and then my veil. Groom's outfit was under $30. They had it in our room by the time we got back that night and even better they had completely wrapped my dress and veil so that DH couldn't see it at all.

Mandalay Bay Bayside Buffet - Get Together Night Before
I don't know if you remember me grumbling about the $125 service fee to pay up front for group dining and everything but I am so glad we did. They got us right in, 2 long tables at the back in a private(ish) area and this was a big hit. It was great to have everyone together and we had paid upfront so all we had to take care of was the drink bill which was no problem to get. Everyone liked the food and casual atmosphere.

Mandalay Bay Eye Candy - General Meeting Area
We ended up spending a lot of time here and it became sort of our central meeting area for all the people that travelled to Vegas. It was great, central, staff was excellent and never seemed to mind us taking over large amount of random tables.

James was by himself to do two hairstyles and airbrush make-up for our mothers, two attendants and myself. He did hair first, and then make-up. My MOH wasn't in love with her first hair (too prom-like) and I didn't think mine would hold the curl so he quickly fixed both. I really ended up liking mine as I had no idea what I wanted and it came out even better than I thought it could. Make-up was great, all of us loved it, the airbrush was fantastic although I was a little shiny by the end of the day - it was an outdoor ceremony in July, my forehead is shiny in January so really that's not James' problem. I did find that he was pretty quiet, but when you talked to him one on one he was super nice and friendly and I know people have said they found him a bit rude/cold, I just got the impression he was trying to stay out of what was our girl bonding time - which I genuinely appreciated. He even gave a couple of the girls false eyelashes at no extra charge. He was QUICK. He recommended getting there at noon for a 5PM ceremony so we would be ready nice and early and he was gone by 2:30, which gave us a chance for pictures but he definitely could have come later and we wouldn't be scrambling.

Mandalay Bay - Day of Co-ordinators
Freaking exceptional. I was not at all impressed with the communication leading up to my wedding with Richelle (who was not there), Michelle and someone else (sorry I forget her name but I think it started with a "T") were there and they had everything lined up 100%. They were not exactly at the meeting places on time, but were maybe 5-10 minutes late - given that most our guests were also late this wasn't a problem. They started people down the aisle for the right songs, they kept everything flowing. Michelle met me and the girls with our bouquets at the elevators and calmed me down. The site was set up just as requested which they managed to do in about 15 minutes!

This reminds me, remember tips for the sound guy for those that are bringing their own music - our guy was great, good fade in/outs and everything.

Rev. Roland August
Ladies, he MADE it, he made the whole day. My wedding video is also on our website so take a look. I was worried he was going to be too jokey or not serious at the right parts after seeing some ceremonies - it just wasn't 100% our style. He did a great job of incorporating us into it, as well as God but not being overly religious. He was sweet and seemed so, so geniune and wanted to make it special. He walked with medown to the site. He chatted about how DH was doing and really helped me feel peaceful. I had been emailing with him for a couple of weeks beforehand just giving him an idea of us and he was really receptive.

Mandalay Bay - Floral
I did upgrade to a medium rose bouquet which came out gorgeous. About 20 minutes after the ceremony I lost about 3 roses but they held up for pictures and the ceremony just fine. The bridesmaids flowers looked almost fake they were so good. I would recommend just chosing the "spring mix" or whatever in your colour because they were able to use cheaper flowers without looking cheaper and they got really pretty, full bouquets. These lasted for at least 2 days after.

Cashman Photography
You can see the pictures for yourself, I think they're really good. I do have a regret though and that's that we asked him to go into the casino and take fun shots because we didn't want a bunch of formal ones and honestly, the ones he had set up for us to pose for look way, way, better. We should have just trusted his instincts. My only other complaint was that we met with Cashman a month earlier and had a whole worksheet of stuff that we wanted and he clearly didn't see that but now that I look back on how they turned out, I'm more than okay with it, our suggestions would have looked silly and we wouldn't have been near as pleased. The casino shots were no problem btw, everyone sort of let us in and we could do pretty much whatever at the empty tables as long as he cleared it first and we weren't getting the cashier in the pictures. We ended up buying and entire package that included the rights to our photos but didn't get any of the albums which we thought were outrageously priced.

AWG Transportation
About a week before the wedding they emailed to let me know that the 32 pass limo bus was no longer working so we would have to have 2 16 pass ones. Well, lo and behold the 32 one showed up it was GREAT. The limo driver was on time (we're the ones that missed him because we were at the very end Shark Reef Entrance when he in fact was waiting at the correct one labelled Shark Reef Entrance), a quick walk across the parking lot and we were good. He helped all the ladies off the bus and was on time for our departure at Maggiano's even though we wanted to leave a bit earlier. He also drove us back to MB all along the strip which we totally appreciated because not all our guests had seen it and it was a nice long, fun, drive.

What can I say that hasn't been said. They were fantastic, we had the Calabri (spelling?!) room to ourselves with a bar, bartender, balcony for the smokers or those that wanted to people watch. Everything was set up, including our names on the room sign and they came right over to us to ask what we needed and what they could do to help. We even needed them to start dinner service nearly an hour earlier than I had indicated and it was no problem. The food was exceptional, I loved the family-style and everyone really enjoyed it. Marc called me yesterday to follow-up and was really nice.

The Palette - Reception Floral
Pam was great to work with, she met my budget and everything was gorgeous, I never met her at all. We did have to pay for the flowers after dinner though which I need to follow-up on as I was sure that we had pre-paid that but I was in such a daze I didn't check the whole invoice beforehand.